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VULVA CLUB #10 - About Matter

female trouble is a friendship based collective ( Roni Katz, Agata Siniarska, Xenia Dwertmann ) working in Berlin since 2013. We share a mutual process of artistic, intellectual, personal and political discourse revolving around identities, bodies, femininities and feminisms. Female Trouble focus on hosting events and practicing collective performances. Our public platform is VULVA CLUB - themed screenings and lectures, realized in collaboration with artist-run spaces. VULVA CLUB expands the collective’s internal discourse beyond its own borders and works to amplify female/feminist perspectives in temporary communities.

In the October edition of VULVA CLUB, female trouble are hosting an evening around notions of matter In three singular talks. The artists Mars Dietz, Agata Siniarska, and Xenia Dwertmann will elaborate on their own ideas about matter/material/materiality drawing from and towards contemporary theory with Sara Ahmed, Rosi Braidotti, Nigel Thrift, Mel Y. Chin, Jane Bennett, June Jordan, Henry David Thoreau, and others.

E N T A N G L E M E N T of space, guests, hosts, drinks, bodies, and ideas, not collective actions but endless multiplicity of networking, human and non-human, affect as a material and structural component of the built environment, think about social forms, power, and place, shift the focus on nonhuman agency, the political potential of principles of destabilisation.

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Mars Dietz is a fourth generation Brooklynite living in Berlin. They are an artist, writer, and the founder of CENTRAL, a creative research initiative focused on an expanded concept of the built environment.


Xenia Taniko Dwertmann has studied political theory and philosophy in Leipzig and Paris and is currently in her last year of the program “Dance, Context, Choreography” at HZT Berlin. In her latest work SOMATHEQUE she investigates the sensual relation between human and object on stage.

Agata Siniarska makes works that develop formats of performances, events, practices, lectures, videos, practical theories and theoretical practices. she is a founding member of female trouble - a friendship based collective revolving around identity, body, feminisms, pleasure, affirmation and love. she lives in berlin.

Roni Katz completed her BA studies at the program Dance, Context, Choreography at HZT Berlin. Through a steady practice of expanded choreography, often with her friends, Roni is looking for the right medium to manifest personal-political matters.

Fr. 30. Oktober 2015 | 19:30:00 Uhr | Eintritt frei