Events [at] Vierte Welt

3hd Festival 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 6pm | no admission


Opening: Heal the World

Byrke Lou | Doron Sadja | Neda Sanai | Rianna Jade Parker | Riccardo Benassi | Ruth Angel Edwards

Vika Kirchenbauer | Wang Newone x Snackuo

Wednesday, October 12 | 6pm | Ticket: 4,00 €

Staying Present

AQNB/ViC present Klein, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Maxwell Sterling, Institute for New Feeling and Martha Windahl

What happens to the present when we’re stuck in the future? AQNB and Video In Common are presenting screening, performance and discussion event, ‘Staying Present’ .

Wednesday, October 12 | 8pm | Ticket: 8,00 €


Piano Concert by Kara-Lis Coverdale & Artist Talk with

Raphael Smarzoch

Kara-Lis Coverdale offers an intimate insight in her practice with a two-part project for 3hd Festival. The Canadian composer, musician and producer will first present an intimate solo piano concert followed by a conversation with journalist and music theorist Raphael Smarzoch.

Thursday, October 13 | Workshop

RSVP only

SHUSH-to-come: SHUSH choir

Workshop by Claire Tolan Works

Claire Tolan’s work focuses on exploring human-computer interaction, information structures and theory, and ideas of intimacy and privacy in communities online.

Thursday, October 13 | 2 – 7pm

RSVP only

TCF Tea Ceremony / Workshop

Lars ‘TCF’ Holdhus is offering a music production workshop and Tea Ceremony for young producers with a special 3hd flavour.

Friday, October 14 | 5pm | Tickets: 4,00 €

Music Today, Tomorrow's Joys and Horrors

Lecture by Adam Harper

More info soon.

Friday, October 14 | 7.30 | Tickets: 4,00 €

The Sound of Protest /

The Sound of a better World

Panel moderated by Lisa Blanning

In the panel ‘The sound of a better world’ the guests are discussing how music is influenced by today’s politics. Is there something like a new wave of music that tries to become engaged through focussing on current social topics? And if so, how does a ‘sound of activism’ sounds like? ... The question is if and how music can be a catalyst for social change today.

Saturday, October 15 | 3pm | Tickets: 4,00 €

Music & Memes - The participatory Self

Lecture by Michael Waugh

In his lecture at 3hd Festival, Waugh, who completed his doctoral thesis in 2016 about Post-Internet identity and its impact on musical production, distribution and consumption, utilizes the symbiotic Post-Internet relationship as a platform on which he builds an analysis of the impact of social media on today’s musical expression.

Saturday, October 15, 4.30 - 5.30pm | Tickets: 4,00 €

Abstract Symposium

by DIY Church  

In this exclusively-for-radio-designed symposium - which won't be broadcast or streamed at all - a plant, a pile of trash, and the idea of the idea itself will be confronted by presenter and participant alike to discuss the importance of social codes, the subversive potential of decay, and technology as a romantic metaphor for loneliness. All three of these guests are very shy by nature and want to take you back in time - therefore we ask the audience not to bring any phones, cameras, and other recording devices, and to come on time.

Saturday, October 15, 6 - 7.30pm | Tickets: 4,00 €

Body in Context: Panel

Vika Kirchenbauer, Neda Sanai, Uniique, moderated by

Rianna Jade Parker

More info soon.

Oktober | Tues. 11.10 - Sat. 15. Oktober