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Advanced waiting license exam

How often are you waiting?

You are waiting for something to start. You are waiting for someone. You are waiting until you finally have time. You are stuck in an between-situations that usually make you feel uncomfortable. You know how waiting feels. It sucks.

But wait.

Isn't it also a moment when suddenly none of the surrounding systems demands you? Isn't it your opportunity? Your time?

In November 2016 #COPPP offers the advanced waiting license exam in Berlin:

The waiting license will enable you to win back your power over this specific slice of time. YOUR time. You will also be able to train others. You will be an expert in advanced waiting.

The waiting license exam offers:

Full range theoretical tests

A wide range of field tests with various scenarios

Day and night waiting simulation training

Single and combo waiting simulation training

Waiting celebration*

*we will not conduct the metering of your blood alcohol levels.

*Disclaimer. The waiting licence test does not provide techniques to enhance efficiency, economy and exploitation of time. © PPP is not associated with any time saving movement, and not responsible for any increased usage of personal waiting time.

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The project has been funded by Szenenwechsel/Change of Scene program by Robert Bosch Stiftung, Finnagora, PLACCC, Kitchen Budapest.

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