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Initiation meeting: International Notice

International Notice is a newly initiated platform for artists to articulate their own practice and that of their peers generating an archive of discourse around performances presented in Berlin. It has been created to contextualise performance practice within the Free-Scene and in a wider field of social and political engagement, to elongate the life span of live works through writing and to re-evaluate the criteria for writing about performance. We believe in the political relevance of performance and research ways for it to be not only evaluated BY but productive FOR writing.

'International Notice' is an artist-run project, bringing together writers from within and outside of the field of performance. Rather than publishing professional authors, we focus on the specific knowledge that artists and thematic experts derive together when formulating ideas out of performances. 'Internation Notice' invites interested writers for the magazine to a first meeting to discuss criteria along which we want to write:  

What are the criteria that artists propose as valuable when their work is written about? What are the criteria that enable a discussion and further thoughts departing from a piece? What is the specific knowledge that artists can create while writing about work? What's missing? 

Sa. 06.02.2016 | 12:00 - 17:00