Federico Gargaglione and Nors present their first production:

Maimed Landscapes

The piece arises from the two works “windows are made for spying when you are horny and lonely” and “Dies Irae”, separately created by the two artists.

“Windows are made for spying when you are horny and lonely” is a solitude exercise by Federico Gargaglione.

Enlarged and grainy images of a near past, focusing the attention on details that, at first glance might seem meaningless but instead create a new sense built around that nostalgic feeling.

Abstract pictures that are spied through the windows of loneliness.

“Dies Irae” is a magnetic journey into the desolation of a nostalgic sound, a life industrial soundtrack. With a simple and hypnotic melodic approach, he recreates an alienated inner world. Recorded on cassette, comes in a metallic printed enclosure, specifically designed by FG.


Maimed Landscapes” is the natural gathering of these two works, an exhibition conceived expressly for the Vierte Welt spaces. It consists in a three-screen projection and a musical score, live performed by Nors.  

The screenings are influenced by the imaginary of “windows are made for spying when you are horny and lonely”. Each projection is a sight into a claustrophobic desire of destruction an “annihilation of the truth”, where amongst the ruins of reality rise a new vision.

The live performance by Nors will add a narrative soundtrack, surrounding the audience through the field of vision.

Special Thanks to Federico Neri.

Fri. 30.09.2016 | 18:00 | No Admission

18:00 opening | 19:30 projections + performance  20:30 Dj-set