Resarch Präsentation

Across the Middle, Past the East

An Unsettled Cabaret / Research Presentation

Fr. 08.12.2017 | 20:00 | Eintritt frei | Please make a Reservation:

Sorry booked up/ausgebucht

A temporary collective of female identified artists with Eastern Mediterranean origins are delving into the complexity of the region. Together and apart we are uncovering the configurations of cultures, nations and identities, and how they mesh together into our conflicted histories, narratives, desires and dreams. What distinguishes us from our citizenships and can we disidentify from it without erasing our cultural identities? How do we speak and work together taking into consideration privilege, political-social conflicts and struggles and cultural differences? Can working together be a way of resisting systemic oppression? Through the eyes of our ancestors and our female role models from previous generations we are looking at the capacities and intentions for making art in time and place of heightened patriarchy. Many things have changed, some things haven’t - one still finds herself in the need to look for or find a new home. We are reclaiming the right to have a complex identity, to exchange and correspond with the bodies living next to us, to travel to unknown destinations passing through new homes and exiles.

The research presentation is an in between stage of our working process towards the final cabaret, to be presented in January 25-28th at the Sophiensaele. During the presentation we will share questions, inspirations and stories from our work so far, materials which will be used, in one way or another, for choreographing the cabaret. Please join us with your critical and loving presence.

Creation and Performance: Enana | Fulvia Dallal | Roni Katz | Diva Maguy | Sirine Malas | Lee Mèir Moona Moon | Rasha Nahas | Miranda De La Frontera  

Concept: Roni Katz & Lee Méir | Light: Gretchen Blegen | Guests: Sandra Noeth | Kattrin Deufert Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi | Production: Annett Hardegen | Documentation: Can-doc | Noam Gorbat Photo: Leyla Cömert | A production by Roni Katz & Lee Méir in collaboration with Vierte Welt

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the ZURÜCKGEBEN Foundation

The Premiere of the Cabaret will take place on the 25th - 28th of January, at the the Kantine of Sophiensaele.