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Migrating the Feminine

On the Transgressions of Female Physicality in Public Sphere

Mo. 15.05 | 20:00 | Admission 5€

An evening with Nora Amin and Roberta Chimera, presenting “Migrating the Feminine” published by 60pages in Berlin. A launching event of “Rights Under the Veil”.

"A presentation of Nora Amin's most recent book "Migrating the Feminine" where she discusses the transgressions of the female physicality in public sphere, and emphasizes the relation between the female body as a property in the patriarchal system across cultures, and violation as a political tool across time. A re-visit to the universal tradition of discrimination and supremacy, homeland and foreignness, regime and patriarchy. An evening launching the new feminist Berlin-based initiative “Rights Under the Veil" and moderated by the filmmaker and cultural activist Roberta Chimera.”

Biography of Nora Amin:

*Nora Amin is a world renowned Egyptian writer and theatre maker who works with -among others- personal experiences, physical expression and transformation whether in societies considered as conflict zones, or in stable communities with a need for self-expression and public statements of the unspoken voice. She is also an actress, dancer, choreographer and educator working in the cross section between the performing arts, literature, memory, personal histories and healing. She taught several workshops for children and adults, but mainly focused on women's issues in relation to personal testimonies and trauma healing. She conducted her work in countries as various as Sudan, Malta, Tunisia, Syria, Denmark, Brazil, UK, USA, Morocco and Lebanon. Her main project in Egypt after 2011 was "The Egyptian National Project for Theatre of the Oppressed", the first national movement of theatre for change, where she trained groups of forum theatre activists and created street performances with 600 practitioners, and expanded into an Arab network in Lebanon and Morocco. In 2016, she became a fellow of the International Research Center for Interweaving Performance Cultures at FU, and published her feminist essay "Migrating the Feminine" at 60pages/Berlin and AFAQ/Cairo.

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