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Versteckt im Wald liegt eine Zukunft vergessen

In Collaboration with Felipe Cusicanqui

Felipe Cusicanqui (1977, Santiago, Chile), studies in Finnis Terrae University, in Santiago. In his career has participated in more than 30 group shows and 11 solo shows. Among them the most recent and signifatives ones are,"Flores de Invierno"(2014) Universidad de Talca, "Malerei"(2014) Galerie Born Darss, "Ruina"(2015) Universidad Católica de Chile, "Tengo más almas que una, Soy más yos que yo mismo"(2016) Galeria Patricia Ready, "Malerei"(2017) Galerie Born Darss, "Mañana"(2017) Kunstraum Heiddorf. He obtained the National Found for The Arts 2007, and had been recognized with the Bicentenary Aword, MAVI (Visual Arts Museum) 2009, and The AICA Aword (International Asociation of Art Critics) 2012.

Lives and works in Berlin, Gemany.


My work is an ongoing research regarding the depiction of reality through pictorial language. The models I use are partake of the direct relationship and everyday experience with the images that surround me. These models can be associated to “archetypical” images; images that are easy to recognize. In my work I use a specific methodology that relates to the materials used for each series. In other words, my interest is presenting the material and symbolic charge of the surface, which also obtains a new meaning as it is also a pivotal part of the image. This originates a symbiotic relationship between image and surface. In this way my work intends to constitute a visual reflection on reality and its perception.