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Pandora's Daughters is created in collaboration with philosopher Boyan Manchev and is the fourth instalment in the performance series ON THE BLIND SIDE. With Manchev, who is also working alongside as dramaturge, we can call one of the most internationally renowned representatives of contemporary philosophy our collaborator. 

' Was Pandora, the motherless first woman, made immediately as woman? And what if 

her immediate creation by the divine blacksmith Hephaestus and the motherless goddess-

virgin, the head-born warrior Athena, made her – the future mediator between gods and hu-

mans – the paradigmatic figure of immediacy, in other words, of the child?   

 Pandora, sent to the humans, to the newly established world of finitude, and therefore 

of labour, economy and order, had to transgress interdictions in order to fulfil her immediate 

desires. She needed her toys, which the jealous husband-father, Epimetheus, has locked in 

the jar. The all-gifted one always needs more gifts. Pandora wants her toys.'

His text maps out a new conceptional relationship between poïesis and the critical reflection of politics and performance (tekhné, praxis, poiesis). The concept of Pandora's daughters invites the Vierte Welt ensemble to trace the hidden performative potential of the philosophic text and to take control over it. In the first manoeuvre we get up close to the text with an installation made of performance, sound and video. The philosopher, present on stage, is accompanied by an actress and he is surrounded by uncanny video images in which three characters - on the verge of a time that isn't ours - seemingly try to grasp at us. 

With 'Pandora's Daughters' Vierte Welt  and Boyan Manchev question the origin of the humane. The relationship between nature and technology, between production and reproduction. What could it mean to us, if it is true as Manchev claims, that our subject-bodies mythically have always been constituted by technology, namely the technology that is metamorphosis? How is it possible to think of an emancipation of the subject under these conditions? Do we eventually have to throw away our basic understanding of humanity?

Developed and performed by

Anders Carlsson | Boyan Manchev | Mariel Jana Supka | Marcus Reinhardt and 

Judith van der Werff 

Directors Dirk Cieslak und Annett Hardegen

Video Federico Neri | Sound Design Macarena Solervicens  

Stage Design and Costumes primavera*maas | Tech Gretchen Blegen

Production Annett Hardegen and Luisa Grass  | Text Boyan Manchev  

Translation Hannah Wallenfels  | Hospitanz Bendikt Päffgen

Aufführung in englischer und deutscher Sprache.

Performance in English and German. 

A Vierte Welt Kollaborationen production. 

Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. 

The Author:

Boyan Manchev | Philosopher | Bulgaria | born 1970 in Sofia, is philosopher, professor at the New Bulgarian University, guestprofessor at Sofia University and at HZT Berlin. He is former  Vice President of the Collège Internationale de Philosophie. In his fields of research ontology, art philosophy and political philosophy he develops the perspective of a radical materialism. His most recent publications include Logic of the Political (Sofia, 2012), Miracolo (Milano, 2011), L’altération du monde: Pour une esthétique radicale (Paris, 2009); La Métamorphose et l‘Instant – Désorganisation de la vie (Paris, 2009). Boyan Manchev worked as theorist, dramaturge and performer in theatre and contemporary dance projects amongst others with Tim Etchells and Adrian Heathfield’s The Frequently Asked, Boris Charmatz‘ expo zero and Poster session Mouvement for the Festival d’Avignon, Ani Vaseva’s Frankenstein and A Dying Play, and deufert&Pplischke’s Emergency Room. Moreover, he translate writings of Georges Didi-Hubermann and Jean-Luc Nancy into Bulgarian.  

On Tour

Vierte Welt at Eldorado | Vienna

24.02.2017 | 20.00 | Talk


Audience, Ensemble Vierte Welt and the Philosopher Boyan Manchev.

25.02.2017 | 20.00

Performance: In The Blind Spot 4 | Exercise 3


Exercise 1 | 15. /16. April 2016

Exercise 2 | 07. - 09. July 2016

Exercise 3 |  19. - 21. January 2017

Mariel Jana Supka
Mariel Jana Supka
Marcus Reinhardt
Marcus Reinhardt
Anders Carlson
Anders Carlson

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